At GMT Security we value your business, and we understand the importance of loss prevention for the perpetuity of a business. Our team of highly trained and vigilant security officers ensures the security of your business and prevent loss due to any illegal activity.

Risk Mitigation

Our team of security officers is trained to prevent thefts from occurring by observation and identification of potential threats. These threats include shoplifting, organised threat or crime and cash embezzlement by employees. Our guards are very professional in handling such threats swiftly and diligently. Our teams use various proven methods including examination in person and CCTV monitoring to observe and identify suspicious activities. Our teams have the capability to work as uniformed or undercover.

Value to Money

Loss prevention service can have a significant positive impact on a client’s ROI. At GMT Security we appreciate the trust when a business chooses us for their loss prevention services and we are always keen to make this service worth your money. The potential thefts and property recovered is documented so that we can provide our client either monthly or quarterly reports so the client can easily estimate the cost-effectiveness of our loss prevention service.

 Our services currently include, but are not limited to, the following:

Construction Site Security
Gate House Security
Loss Prevention Officers
Retail Security
School Security
Shopping Centre Security
Uniformed and Undercover Operatives
Warehouse Security

For more on any of our guarding and protective services, contact us on 1300 56 66 56.