At GMT Security, we ensure that professionalism is the primary focus of our security officers. As the first point of contact for many businesses, staff and customers, our team is aware of the need to employ a combination of service and protection to ensure maximum client satisfaction is maintained.

We offer site supervision services that employ a high level of security at an affordable cost. Your site’s safety is our number one priority, which is why we dedicated a high level of supervision to ensure that this is maintained.

Our security guards are flexible to the needs of your organisation offering:

  • Sound public relations and courteous service towards all staff, contractors, visitors and the public
  • Heightened protection of all entry and exit points to the premises
  • After hours’ telephone reception
  • First aid abilities
  • Major emergency experience
  • Audits and daily reconciliations of keys and passes
  • Assisting with general cleanliness and reporting graffiti

It’s this complete approach to guard services that sets GMT apart from the rest in the industry.